Gaara Establishment Import-Export Winner for its merits – New York 2010

Mr. Seif Gaara, with the President of the IQSAward and Mr. Ahmed Gaara

The Astor Convention Hall of the Marriott Marquis complex in Times Square, New York, set the stage for the stellar night of the IQSAward, for the presentation of an international award for quality to companies from 64 countries for achievements in Excellence and Innovation.

The spectacular event was hosted by the multilingual Anne Bandelier from Switzerland, delivering the presentation in English, French, Spanish, and Russian, receiving accolades and applause from the international audience.

Gaara Establishment Import-Export of Egypt received the prestigious award on behalf of its President, Mr. Seif Gaara, from the President and CEO of the IQSAward. Sharing stage presence during the Awards presentation were the President of the BIDTQM and the President of the QualityMix, both from the U.S. These gentlemen and those awarded were acknowledged by more than 200 business leaders who came from many parts of the world, as well as diplomatic representatives, enacting one of the most important events in the world of Quality, Excellence, Innovation and Business Leadership.

Norman Ingle, as President of the QualityMix program, stated, “Business success is the result of the accumulated merit of those who make up the company: its leaders, directors, management specialists, employees, suppliers and the families and other persons forming part of the business environment.”

Egypt can be proud that one of its leading companies has been honored in such a  dynamic and enterprising place in the world as New York.

President of the IQSAward, made a commitment to Mr. Seif Gaara, President of Gaara Establishment Import-Export from Egypt, for support in the coming years in terms of quality and facilitating the presence in media communication: this will highlight the efforts and technical merit of the business itself, employees, suppliers and others, confirming that the company is worthy of recognition and a model for others that operate and work to improve.

Mr. Seif Gaara, President and Mr. Ahmed Gaara

During the convention, media from different countries covered the most exciting moments and held many interviews and presentations of the awarded companies through their directors, owners and those responsible for the management and development of their businesses.
Their vision for the future of their companies was captured by the cameras and microphones of journalists.

Along with Gaara Establishment Import-Export of Egypt some companies highlighted were Galadari Brothers Co., outstanding out among well-known conglomerates in the United Arab Emirates, Zhaso Insurance Company, which occupies a leadership position in the insurance market in Russia and Luxuries Ebohr International Limited of China, which specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of luxury items, such as brand-name watches, jewelry and other precious metals.

Putting into practice the concepts of the IQSAward program involves institutional support between the Gaara Establishment Import-Export for the years 2011 and 2012. A union of this kind will allow business to develop the ability to progress and quality, excellence, innovation and technology in Egypt.

Winners are aware that they mark their vocation as leaders in achieving a sustainable world whose purpose is to increase and preserve quality of life.

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